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Club Resources is a leading club consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, membership input, membership marketing, club governance and asset management of private clubs. Since 1990, Club Resources has assisted hundreds of clubs and their Boards of Directors, Planning & Membership Committees, Owners/Developers and Management.

Over the past 25 years we have spoken with thousands of members in focus groups and town hall meetings, tabulated survey responses from thousands of members and provided recommendations for every aspect of club operations.


We have conducted feasibility studies and provided concept planning for numerous new club developments, sold thousands of memberships, trained dozens of Membership Directors, and developed comprehensive Strategic Plans for dozens of clubs.


Additionally, we authored the leading industry texts; The Guide to Membership Marketing, and Standards of Operation and Performance for Private Clubs, the leading text on the subject licensed to the Club Managers Association of America. 

At Club Resources we emphasize hands-on, client-oriented consulting services, based on integrity, accuracy and professionalism. Our comprehensive approach ensures accountability through the direct and exclusive involvement of our principals, each with over 25 years of executive-level club experience, in each and every project we undertake.



Strategic Planning  

Comprehensive Strategic Planning, including in-depth studies, member input, retreat facilitation and plan development.

Market Studies

Comprehensive market studies to include Demographics Study, Comparative Club Study and Potential Member Supply/Demand

Facility Improvement Campaigns

Comprehensive project development, campaign management to achieve at least 70% member approval. CR has joined with the Z Design Group to form Club Vision . visit

Membership Marketing Plans

Comprehensive and detailed plan development, including membership growth, attrition, dues and initiation fee pricing, costs and marketing strategies and campaign planning.

Board Retreat Facilitation

Complete Board/Strategic Planning Committee Retreat facilitation, including pre-retreat data presentation, agenda, and summary. 

Membership Marketing and Sales

Complete contract membership marketing and both on-site and external membership sales. Includes Membership Plan Development, CRM management and all aspects leading to a "Close." 

Standards of Operations

Complete system for developing and managing your club's standards of operations and performance.  Click Here to visit:

Facilities and Services Audits

Complete  onsite "Secret Shopper" study with detailed report and recommendations.

Interim & Contract Management

A unique and cost effective asset management solution combining our extensive operational and membership marketing backgrounds with our strategic planning expertise. 



Martis Camp
Monterey Peninsula Country Club
Los Altos Golf & Country Club
Los Altos, CA
Sequoyah Country Club
Rio Verde Country Club
Old Ranch Country Club
Baltimore Country Club
Santaluz Club
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Frank Cordiero

Chief Operating Officer

Diablo Country Club

Danville, CA


“A clearly articulated and thoughtful strategic plan is vital to ensuing the success of a private club. Bob Bodman and his team at Club Resources was the perfect partner for Diablo County Club.  A partner with a deep understanding of all aspects of operations and governance is invaluable as you set the course for your club’s future. We are on course and we could not have done it without Bob’s guidance, leadership and expertise. Our work at Diablo Country Club with Bob and his firm was not a one-time project; it is and will remain an ongoing partnership.”



Tel: 800-267-6758 


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