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Our Strategic Planning process begins with a variety of studies and other research and analysis that provides the club's Board of Directors with pertinent and important data to approach planning properly. 

Some of the studies involved in the Discovery phase include Member Focus Groups, Surveys, Financial and Membership History and Trends Analysis, and market  and demographic studies.

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Member Input

To be successful in the long run, a strategic plan must have early and proactive in out from the entire membership body.  Members develop a more open mind to the plan that is ultimately presented, primarily because they know it was not just someone's personal agenda.  



Financial Modeling

A successful strategic plan must have a basis in financial feasibility and have studied the alternative ways to finance the plan. Club Resources has developed a unique and very effective Financial Sensitivity Model that a clear understanding of the impact of the financial alternatives being considered. 

Leadership Workshops

Once the research studies have been concluded, it is essential that the Board come together to review, discuss and debate the critical issues and priorities was a basis for the strategic plan. CR's approach to facilitation of strategic planning workshops or retreats is to prepare a concise presentation of the Discovery data in advance of the planning meeting. 

Membership Presentations

Club Resources believes that it is important that every strategic plan have substantial member support. We recommend that any vote of the members have at least a 70% or greater positive vote. CR has a proven approach that includes town hall meetings and member workshops, impressive design and plan presentations, and pre-vote surveys to ensure a 70% or better vote result.

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