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Let us help communicate your club's story...

Every club has a vision, purpose, core values, history, traditions, a culture and members. These are the primary components that make up the club's unique story. CR has been helping clubs arrange, compose and communicate their stories since 1991. We begin with the overarching premise that you can't "sell" memberships, but rather "assist" prospective members with their decision to join. 


Through internal and external research and analysis, we develop and communicate the club's story in creative and effective way, whether it is direct mail, web, email, social media and internal vehicles. CR has excelled in quality lead generation (marketing), prospect contact (sales), new member process and structuring (admissions), new member matriculation (On-boarding) and follow up (Referrals). 

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A process, not an event...

Membership growth and development relies almost entirely on experiences and developing relationships. Nobody will ever join a club who is not already predisposed to finding a suitable, compatible club to join. 

No Cookie-Cutting Here...

CR has been actively and personally involved in membership marketing and sales since 1991 and has has had a hands-on role in the matriculation of thousands of new members in a variety of clubs. We are effective in membership structuring, pricing and marketing because we have dealt personally with thousands of prospective members, many of whom we remain friends with today. 

There is no aspect of  membership (i.e., design, structuring, lead generation, process, marketing, lead generation and management, campaigning, sales, on-boarding, reporting, staff training or best practices), that we have not either set the standard for, or developed a successful method for. 

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